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Matt Mason

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About us

We have developed the most effective crypto trading system based on robotic software

Our credo is

the intelligent purposefulness and the stable constant growth. Following innovative development guidelines, 50 CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD is a reliable and competent business partner for all its customers worldwide.

Australian innovation company 50 CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD has focused its efforts on the development and subsequent commercial application of its own developments in the form of robotic software, which can make deals on crypto-currency exchanges as successfully, effectively and safely as possible provide maximum profit from speculative exchange activity.

The activity of 50 CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD is regulated in full compliance with the laws of the Australian Union, as well as in full compliance with the main international requirements and criterias for entering into commercial exchange deals online.

50 CAPITAL GROUP PTY LTD is the exclusive right holder and developer of all software used as robotic software on crypto-currency exchanges and provides the opportunity of financial management of investments to its clients.

Our values

Be an industry leader and Go Beyond the Possible

Our development of automatic crypto-trading software is unique and makes our business profitable and favorable maximally.


Team spirit and collective decision-making are the foundation of a successful process of evolution of our program developments.


The competitiveness of the development is the result of the unique professionalism of each employee of the company.


Confidence is the company’s most important value and the foundation of any successful commercial customer relationship.

Our team

Competency and mutual complementarity

Striving to create innovation by a single team and achieve maximum efficiency through collective and highly professional business solutions.

To cooperate with us is to be in trend of an online investing. Become successful with us!

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